These are some of the success stories from clients who I have worked with:

“Having spent years trying various diet trends and consistently losing and gaining weight 2011 I decided to try something altogether new… throughout the year I had changed some elements of diet and began to increase exercise and then joined LA Fitness at the end of October; I had my kick start meeting with Hedge on 23rd October, Hedge took time to understand my personal goals and worked with me to set realistic targets, his program focused on my general level of fitness and strength and its varied nature between Cardio and Resistance work kept things interesting during my gym visits.

Hedge also offers great advice and support with nutrition and has fundamentally changed my relationship with food for the better. After a short time with his personal program and more sensible approach to nutrition I saw rapid progress and reached all of my personal goals; his Personal Training sessions have been without doubt the key factor to my new passion for exercise and my improved health and fitness levels, he has a relaxed yet focused style of training that really gets results and more so than other trainers I have worked with in the past he has a genuine care and interest in supporting clients to reach their all important milestones.

An exceptional person, trainer and all round motivator Hedge has been the foundation that has supported me through a life changing 2011! 19 stone 8 lbs. (October 2011) 13 stone 6 lbs. (June 2012) a loss of 6 Stone 2 lbs.”

Scott Chappell


“I have been working with Hedge for nearly two years and couldn’t be happier with the results. I have toned up, lost weight and become much stronger from the training and healthier from the nutritional advice. The workouts are always varied and I push myself much more in our sessions than I would on my own! I am more than happy to recommend Hedge as a personal trainer – he tailors everything to you so you get a bespoke program that changes as you do. He also gives advice, support and tips that you just wouldn’t get from going to the gym on your own.”

Lydia Walker


“This is a testimonial for Hedge Haigh because of the help and support he gave to me when I wanted to get fit and lose weight after having three children. I joined LA Fitness in January 2012 weighing 10 stone 6 and my target weight was to be 9 stone. Hedge provided me with the knowledge to enable me to help myself as well as motivating me during training sessions. Hedge provided me with excellent advice about nutrition on a handout which could be kept for reference. Hedge also gave me excellent workout plans which were typed out so I could use these in the gym in between training sessions or at home. Hedge is a very knowledgeable personal trainer who is always willing to help and answer questions, even between sessions. This shows how he genuinely wants to help people to achieve their goals.

Previously when trying to lose weight I have experienced times where my weight has plateaued. Hedges help, advice and support combined with self motivation to put into practice this guidance has resulted in my total weight loss surpassing my original goal of 9 stone. I now maintain my weight at 8 stone and continue to follow Hedge’s advice and fitness plans. Thank you so much Hedge!”

Rachel Guest


“I am now a few months into working with Hedge and I have loved the programs he has designed for me – each one different and enjoyable making my trips to the gym a pleasure thanks to interesting and diverse programs from which I have seen great results.

In the months previous to meeting Hedge I was struggling to bulk up any real muscle and could not shift unwanted wobble! I found going to the gym to be more a test of will power than of strength, doing the same routines over and over soon lost its charm, and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. So after taking a free introductory PT session with Hedge I realized there was a lot of ways I could make my time in the gym more productive in achieving my goal.

Hedge’s knowledge for his subject is very impressive, every question I have asked of him has been answered knowledgeably, explaining both how and why I should go about things, whether its training or nutrition based. As most of my time in the gym is weight training, Hedge has made sure I`m lifting correctly and safely whilst encouraging me to push myself further, adding more enjoyment to training as I see results and find myself lifting more and more. Regarding my diet, the advice Hedge has given me has been second to none. Telling me exactly how to fuel my training routine, which in turn has made me feel much healthier day to day and changed the way I go about eating.

I have learned a lot more than I expected during my PT sessions with Hedge regarding training and staying healthy and he has made me feel comfortable and confident in the gym. I now know how to continue to achieve the results I want and look forward to working with him in the future. I have found Hedge to be a true professional throughout the time I have been working with him, it’s rare to find someone so passionate about what they do.”

James Edwards


“I am 42, starting to gain weight, quicker than losing it, and felt I needed to see a personal trainer. I enjoy running, but I felt I had reached a plateau as I couldn’t run any faster or further and suffered from shin splints. Hedge said that he could help with this. I am pleased to say that I no longer suffer from shin splints and not only that the lower back pain that I had learnt to live with has gone. I feel stronger, my body is more toned and I look forward to each workout as it is professionally set out and always different. I would recommend hedge to everyone, especially the over 40 ‘s, whose metabolism is slowing down and we put on those pounds, Hedge gives you that extra boost, thanks Hedge!”



“When I first started with Hedge, a year ago, my aim was to be injury free and fit enough to go tramping in New Zealand to celebrate my 50th birthday in June. I had had a recent history of injuries which just seemed to keep moving from one body part to the next. Hedge has listened carefully and has tailored my exercise programme to meet the changing needs of my body. Keeping Hedge on his toes, my body is hyper-flexible in some areas and quite stiff in others due to poor posture and he has considered my individual needs with a completely personalised approach to training. Not only that but Hedge has included boxing in my programme, knowing that I also enjoy Body Combat, to add variety to my program which keeps me motivated.

Not only has my posture improved, as well as my strength, but I have also lost a stone in weight this year which is an added bonus. The increased motivation to exercise that I have, knowing that I am working at being well with support from Hedge, has been great. I look forward to our weekly training sessions and Hedge is always willing to be flexible so that I can meet work commitments as well as train regularly.

In addition, as a qualified nutritionist myself, it has been really interesting for me to discuss up to date nutrition advice with Hedge. I would recommend Hedge as a personal trainer as I have been very impressed with his professional approach and determination to succeed.”

Sue Mitchell


“Between January 2014 and October 2015 Hedge Haigh was my personal fitness trainer at Peak Fitness, with whom I trained on average once to twice a week. Hedge was always extremely professional, friendly and flexible, and I always enjoyed our training sessions immensely. He had a great ability to motivate me to aim for more ambitious personal achievements (although he never lost sight of what was realistic and within the parameters of safety). In addition I was fortunate that – thanks to his professional guidance regarding nutrition – I adopted a much healthier style of eating (far less carbohydrates and dairy products and much more fruit and vegetables as well as protein). As a result I lost an amazing 20 pounds of weight in total, I feel much fitter, more toned and generally healthier than I have for a long time.

I was also able to observe Hedge interacting with other clients and how they responded to his style of training (in fact I had a discussion with one or two of them about how working with Hedge had an enormous impact on their physical and mental wellbeing). My only disappointment was when Hedge informed me that he was going to leave Peak Fitness and would not be able to continue to be my personal trainer and motivator! For all of the above reasons I am very happy to recommend him to you.”

Dr Birgit Röder

School of Modern Languages and Cultures

University of Warwick


“I started personal training sessions with Hedge on a one-to-one basis with a goal of losing weight. I had gained 3 stone since getting married 6 years ago, started the menopause causing further bloating and my mojo had gone. My previous couple of years attending a local gym showed little results.

Hedge very quickly turned things around for me after discussing what I was expecting and where I wanted to be. For once I had a realistic goal that I believed was achievable – I saw a positive change within weeks.

I chose to attend twice weekly functional sessions which Hedge had tailored to suit my level of fitness. As well as the training, Hedge has offered great nutritional advice which I’ve taken on board and is always there for me for support.

I can’t believe how I’ve toned up, lost 2 stone and reduced my overall fat percentage.

I would fully recommend one-to-one training sessions with Hedge – I feel transformed!

Thank you Hedge!”

Sue Strain – Age 51


“With 50 fast approaching I wanted to improve my fitness and health, lose some body fat and hopefully reduce the many niggling aches and pains that had become a part of my life.

Hedge was recommended to me and we started with an in-depth consultation to establish my requirements so that he could tailor a programme specifically for me.

Not having done anything like this before, initially I had limited belief, but at only four months into my training, I have made fantastic progress with significant weight loss and improved visible toning.

I’m also very pleasantly surprised as I no longer have any of the aches and pains in my back, knees or ankles, my posture seems improved, I am energised and enjoy a greater general sense of well-being.

Hedge’s approach is both friendly and highly professional. His enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the human body and nutrition are infectious and he has motivated me and given me determination that I never thought possible at the start. He is actually quite inspirational.

Hedge clearly listened to my specific needs and then tailored my sessions and dietary advice to suit, and as a result, with some discipline on my part, I have achieved quite a lot in a short space of time. I have already lost 7kg of body fat reducing my body fat percentage by over 9 percent. I now really look forward to my sessions and am enjoying the journey.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Hedge to anyone.”

Catherine Wilkes


“I had always been a bit overweight and never felt very comfortable with my body even though I had been going to the gym fairly regularly, though a bit on and off for a couple of years and I hadn’t been seeing any serious improvements. So, I thought it was time to mix things up and get some actual instruction on what to be doing in, and probably more importantly out of the gym. After the initial consultation with Hedge, where we discussed personal goals, measured body fat percentage and discussed my diet, I was hooked and jumped into my new lifestyle with both feet the next day and not looked back since. In just under 3 months I’ve managed to lose over 15Kg and just over 15% body fat, and it really showed me what you can do when you set your mind to it, as because I’d be overweight pretty much my whole life I thought I was destined to always be like that and it’s all down to putting what Hedge teaches into practice.

Hedge has been a brilliant personal trainer for me, always answering any questions I may have and being a real fountain of knowledge for anything health and fitness. He is always very motivating and friendly in the sessions we have, and never makes you feel guilty if you struggle to do anything. His sessions are always different which really helps to keep the gym interesting and keeping motivation levels high. I am constantly learning new exercises, and new techniques for old ones to help improve everything, not just strength but for things outside of the gym like posture and energy levels etc. and has given me the knowledge to hopefully carry this on by myself in the future.

I don’t really have a bad word to say about Hedge and would recommend him to anyone, irrelevant of the goals you may have, I can guarantee you will learn so much. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent as in such a short time it has made a huge difference to me. And the best thing is, there’s no cardio!!”

Aaron Parkes


“I’ve always resisted both a personal trainer and the gym…I run my own business and have young kids. It’s not the time training I mind so much as the effort of getting in the car, driving there and back and organising childcare! When Hedge first suggested training on Skype I must admit I wasn’t convinced, but have to say, I am completely converted! I don’t need loads of space or fancy equipment, I can do the exercises and get a real decent workout at times that suit me with the kids downstairs. And I’m seeing the results – both in body shape, motivation and mental wellbeing. I had an issue with my hip which needed regular physio and have not needed that since…so it has even saved me a bit of money – on physio and painkillers!”Dulcie Swanston, Writer and Business Owner “I have always been fairly active, but when I did go to the gym, I didn’t know what to do. As a result, I always defaulted to cardio machines and was tired of exercising but not seeing results. I started training with Hedge because I wanted to get structure to my training, build muscle, and feel and look better. I knew that weight training was important, but I didn’t have the knowledge or confidence to get into it myself and was worried about getting hurt.  Hedge really listened to what I needed and created a tailored program to help. First of all, he helped me get the basics right (for years I had been doing squats and lunges wrong and I had no idea!). Getting these basic moves corrected really made a difference, as it helped me understand how each exercise should feel. Gradually Hedge built up my program with more reps and more weight and I now almost can’t believe what I am able to do. Being able to do a press-up has also always a dream of mine, and within the first few months I was proud to say that I was able to do them with ease!
Most importantly Hedge gave me the confidence to go to the gym on my own and I have learned so many things that I can piece together into loads of different work outs. Without Hedge’s guidance, I would have found it much harder to have the motivation to go to the gym on a regular basis. Hedge was also always so helpful and genuinely interested in helping with various questions I had about training, nutrition etc. He is very professional and just a genuinely lovely person who you can tell really cares about his clients. I have also built loads of muscle, dropped a jeans size and feel so much stronger and have much better energy day to day. I’m now sadly leaving Warwick so can’t train with Hedge anymore, but otherwise would definitely have continued training with him. I would highly recommend training with Hedge to anyone.”Malin “Results come overtime not overnight’ could be Hedge’s mantra. The 6 months I have spent with Hedge being educated on nutrition, how my muscles are connected and the belief that results will come has been very educational. The results are a litany of loss, body fat down 8%, waist down 6 inches, BMI down 6 points. My diabetes has improved with my medication down by 1/3, all thanks to Hedge. I cannot recommend Hedge’s instruction highly enough, follow the man, follow the plan, you WILL succeed”Brian, age 52“I started working with Hedge 2 years ago.  I played rugby at a senior grade for 20 years with the associated injuries that go with that, and then did nothing for 10 years so the lack of fitness and the old injuries crept up on me.  Working with Hedge allowed me to quickly build-up strength and core fitness, and by working on my balance, I was able to really improve the strength in previously injured ankle and knees that even physios had not fixed.  We were even able to continue training through me having a hernia operation – by training around it without worsening it, and gradually building strength in the area following the surgery.More recently during lockdown, like many others, I’ve spent much more time working at home sitting at a desk, so my sessions have been over Zoom and although there isn’t the same level of technical lifts (I don’t have a gym at home!) I’ve been able to maintain general fitness, improve my posture and keep my levels of strength up.
Hedge’s real strengths are that he has the knowledge of the muscle groups and how they work together, and so can pinpoint any problems to adapt the plan accordingly – this means not just  a focus on cardio or strength, but a blend, including stretching and muscle release.  This means the sessions are really tailored to the individual and that progress is always maintained. Thoroughly recommend him.”Jamie
“I’ve asked Hedge to train me many times over the years with different goals and fantastic results each time. Initially I had lower back pain that other methods couldn’t resolve but Hedge expertly helped me regain strength and confidence and after a short space of time the pain was gone and has never come back. Then I wanted to put on muscle and size, which included a complete change in how I approached it, with comprehensive nutrition and fitness plans. When both of these goals were achieved I was so happy I went back a third time to move from size and strength into functional fitness and again, the results were excellent and delivered in a way that I can continue throughout my normal life. I’ll definitely use Hedge again and I recommend him unreservedly.”
Andy Pascoe
“I first met and trained with Hedge in 2012. Since then he has taught me so much about exercise and nutrition. He has developed specific programmes and worked with me to help me achieve my goals. I’d whole heartedly recommend Hedge to anyone. He’s an amazing, knowledgable, motivating personal trainer and a genuinely lovely guy.”
Rachel Elizabeth
“Hedge explains everything about exercise and nutrition very well. He is totally committed to getting the best outcome for his clients. Highly recommended.”
Lesley Wheeler
“I have trained with Hedge for several years. He is always committed to getting the best results for his clients and tailors his sessions to individual needs. He has helped me through injuries and helped me to understand the best techniques to train to avoid them. Hedge is passionate about what he does and through lockdown provided virtual training sessions for his clients and now has his own studio with great equipment. Hedge is always interested in furthering his knowledge and I enjoy our chats about all sorts of subjects! I would definitely recommend Hedge if you are serious about long term training for sustainable results and not a quick fix!”
Marina Barker
“I highly recommend working with Hedge, he’s a superb trainer and is exceptionably knowledgable.
I think that most of us have this image of a PT standing over us, just beasting us into a sweaty, exhausted mess and the fear of that probably puts many people off making a start on a fitness journey with a trainer.
Hedge couldn’t be further from that style, he’s much more in tune with the body’s functionality and works not just on posture, balance, flexibility and strength but also on the gut and mental health linked elements of overall wellbeing too……It’s body and mind after all, right?
His in-depth knowledge of the human body and nutrition enables him to evaluate an individual’s capabilities and needs and then work a one to one program that slowly but surely brings you on.
Whether you’re healing from injury, trying to improve those aches and pains and chronic conditions affecting the body or just wanting to improve your overall health, fitness and wellbeing I would definitely give Hedge a try. I’ve trained under his guidance for a few years now and can honestly say that in my mid 50s I’m in better shape than I was in my mid 30s.”
Andy Wilkes

“As a self-confessed gym addict I used to spend a lot of my free time in the gym. For the last 15 years I’ve attended aerobic group classes, ran miles on treadmills and added some token squats and weights in for good measure. Although I would walk out of the gym covered in sweat and feeling great I didn’t feel I was seeing the results I wanted for the amount of time I was investing.

I had been thinking about training with a personal trainer for a long time but was never brave enough to take the leap. I had an initial consultation with Hedge where we spoke about my past training, my goals and even measured my body fat percentage! I was dubious at first when he informed me I would no longer be doing cardio (!) and scared of trying a new routine but I decided to have faith.

Four months into training with Hedge and I’m so glad I did. Hedge is a fountain of knowledge whose passion for fitness and healthy living oozes out of him. He is proactive in creating sessions and workout plans personally tailored to your goals; listening to you throughout sessions to ensure you get the most out of your work-out in the safest way.

Hedge has retaught me techniques and helped me shake off bad habits I’ve picked up. I’m confident around the weights area now and enjoy doing exercises I never thought I could do, like pull ups! His lifestyle is inspirational and he is always on hand with a good recipe to keep you on track with diet plans!

Ultimately, I couldn’t change my body in 15 years of hard training and after 4 months with Hedge I’ve lost kilos, my body is taking the shape I’ve always wanted and I’m confident when I look in the mirror. Not only this but I spend less time training and have a better balance in my life.

Thank you so much for putting me on a new path with my training and being a true professional.”

Samantha Fawke

posture pro brain coach